Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Story about Ping

The Story About Ping

DAY 1: Social Studies
Read Ping aloud
Family Math: Animal Crossing, pg. 26 (tie into story by using ducks & landscapes of China)

Begin map studies. Read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeny.
What makes a continent?
Find the seven continents on the map, what do they have in common? Which are together, which surrounded by water.
Read Facts About Asia, Read about China on the Our World book.
Begin ongoing mobile of continents. Asia
Find China on World Map.
Watch opening ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Make a Flag of China

DAY 2: Language Arts
Read Ping aloud with A2 reading occasional paragraphs
Family Math: Venn Diagram, pg 59. Final diagram must be between a duck and other winged animal.

Begin Book of Hello. Each county we visit we will learn to say hello.
Write your name in Chinese.
Make a basic family tree
Begin Animal alphabet book. Read facts about ducks in Scholastic Animal Encyclopedia for facts. (will use facts in book and in Venn diagrams)
Based on book Me on the Map, make a map of your room or the house.
Write you complete address (galaxy, solar system, planet, continent, country, state, city, street

DAY 3: Art
Read Ping Aloud, alternating pages
Family Math: Perfect People, pg. 8, Feet First pg 7 in Measurement Mania (trace Z1 [size 15] and Dad’s feet day before)

Make a Chinese paper lantern
Make Lettuce Wraps for lunch, add store bought fried rice and orange chicken, use chopsticks (or go to Chinese restaurant for dinner)
Take a trip to the Art Museum to look at Chinese art. Visit pond to feed ducks & koi. Look at reflections and begin discussion.

DAY 4: Science
A2 read Ping aloud to me
Family Math: Tanagrams, pg. 40

How long is a mile? Drive a path in the neighborhood, make a map of our path. Walk the path based on the map. This is one mile. The Yangtze River is how long? Continue with measurement math word problems and equations.

Using book Flash, Bang, Pop, Fizz by Janet Parks Chahrour

For light reflection, “Bubble Extravaganza” pg. 97
For bouncy, “My Friend Eggbert” pg. 27

DAY 5: A2 read Ping quietly to self
Weekly Code Breaker
Make Story about Ping game


PresleyFamily said...

Great job! Looks like you guys will be having great fun!

holly said...

Thank you for sharing all of your fabulous ideas!
You have made this an easy lesson plan for us, if you don't mind us using some of your fantastic ideas.
I saw your post on the FIAR web board. I am so glad I checked out your blog. We are grateful!