Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Katy and the Big Snow

Katy and the Big Snow
By Virginia Lee Burton
FIAR pages 104-108 Vol. I
Family Math Written by Jean Stenmark, Virginia Thompson and Ruth Cossey.

DAY 1: Social Studies
Read Katy and the Big Snow Aloud
Family Math: Cover Patterns pg. 206

Make own Future City Begin this early in the school year adding on with week.
Traffic signs to add to city

DAY 2: Language Arts
Read Katy and the Big Snow aloud with A2 reading occasional paragraphs
Family Math: Multiplication Designs pg. 217

Discuss goods and services. Walk our downtown district and make a list of goods and services provided.
Make a Our Town book (prior to lesson, collect magazines, articles, newspapers, brochres ect of places in our town to add to the book. Include photos from field trips, and walks we have done)
Play If you were Katy-Let’s Play a Game

DAT 3: Art
Read Katy and the Big Snow aloud, alternating pages
Family Math: Calculator Experiences pg. 233 and Calculators Paths pg 235

Interactive snowflakes
Cut snowflake animal patterns and of course free for all snowflakes.

Create a snow scene. Once the pictures are completed, allow children to give their own picture a wash of 3 tablespoons of Borax to one cup of water. As their pictures dry, crystals will form over their artwork. Look at these crystals with a microscope. (from SCORE)

Watch Beauty and the Beast. Pay attention to the inanimate objects that have human characteristics.

DAY 4: Science
A2 read Katy and the Big Snow aloud to me
Family Math: Aunt BeBe’s Costly Calculations Contest pg 240

Magic School Bus-Weather
Begin weather calendar with new season. Take a photo (or make drawing) of each type of weather to add to Science table)
Collect falling snowflakes on a piece of black felt that has been in the freezer. Look at them under a magnifying glass

Discuss directions
Make a compass
Use compass when going on a walk.

DAY 5: Catch-up
A2 read Katy and the Big Snow silently to self

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