Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grandfather’s Journey, by Allen Say FIAR

Grandfather’s Journey, by Allen Say
FIAR, pages 58-62 Vol. I
Family Math Written by Jean Stenmark, Virginia Thompson and Ruth Cossey.

DAY 1: Social Studies
Read Grandfather’s Journey Aloud
Family Math: 10 Card Arrangement, pg. 30

Find Japan on the Map.
Book of Hello in Japanese
Co-op Class: Candy Sushi with E.

Locate the pacific ocean,
Add North America to the continent mobile
Read fun facts about North America
Make the Japanese flag

Based on your Family Tree, name 4 generations of our family. Look at photos from those generations. What are they doing in those photos? Is that something you have in common?
Make cookies with MaMa

Where is our family from? (great grandpa K-Germany, cousin J. father-Philippines)
Look at the places we have lived as a family (visit house A2 was born at), as well as individually (mom and dad-Iowa) Where does extended family live now (NC, Wash. DC, CA, IL)
Look on the US map of all the places we have visited. What makes our home special compared to those places.

DAY 2: Language Arts
Read Grandfather’s Journey aloud with A2 reading occasional paragraphs
Family Math : Calendar Patterns pg. 175


DAT 3: Art
Read Grandfather’s Journey aloud, alternating pages
Family Math : Number Line Rectangles pg 115

Construct out of play dough or shaving cream the following landforms: hill, a mountain, a plateau, and a plain
Make boats and have a boat race
Visit Elephant Rock Park (read about elephant rock formations)

Make Origami

DAY 4: Science
A2 read Grandfather’s Journey aloud to me
Family Math : How Close can you Get? Pg 114

Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count
Set up a bird feeder
Visit the pet store to see various pet birds. Compare those to birds that live in the wild

Begin to learn about how animals are classified, do Classifying Critters

Make Dust Collectors to understand what is in our air. What makes our air polluted?
Understanding air quality

DAY 5: Catch-up
A2 read Grandfather’s Journey quietly to self

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