Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1. FIAR Unit studies

We are alternating between Writing Strands (WSt) and Five In a Row (FIAR). We will begin each unit of study with the FIAR literature study. Since I plan on expanding the lessons quite a bit, we will use the week of WSt. to catch up.
FIAR are well rounded, but like everyone else, I would like to add my personal spin onto the lessons. I am going to experiment with the order of subjects, but I think doing a whole day of certain activities maybe fun.

Please feel free to explore all the links, and let me know if any are broken.

Side note,
A2 can read very well, but chooses not to read for fun. I have decided to start with FIAR since the books seem to be of very high interest, but a bit below his level. My goal is to build self confidence and hope to develop a love to read by himself.
So I have decided to try a variation of the read along, with success ending in A2 reading alone.
MATH will be done in a variety of way, including a daily games based on the book Family Math Written by Jean Stenmark, Virginia Thompson and Ruth Cossey.
Science Experiemnts from the books:
Zap! Blink! Taste! Think! (ZBTT and Flash! Bang! Pop! Fizz (FBPF) By Janet Parks Chahrour
and Measurment Maina by Lynette Long

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